Stage 1 - Online Application

The first stage in the application process involves a written application addressing the IOTY evaluation criteria. In 2019, all applications will be completed online. Stage 1 evaluations are based on written applications only.

Following the submission of the written applications, an evaluation panel for each category will evaluate eligible applications against the criteria and develop a shortlist for each category. The top 16 applications, i.e. eight semi-finalists from the Emerging Innovation Category and eight semi-finalists from the Growth Category, will be announced in June 2019.  The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation will notify semi-finalists by email (sent to the address provided on the 2019 WA IOTY Application form)

A second evaluation panel (to which the finalists will present to) will select four finalists in each category, i.e. four finalists from the Emerging Innovation Category and four finalists from the Growth Category. Members of the evaluation panels will have innovation and commercialisation expertise.

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation will notify the eight finalists by email. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified by email. The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation's decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Stage 2 - Pitch presentation to judging panel

The finalists will be notified of their allocated presentation time and must ensure that they arrive on time as they will not be permitted extra time due to lateness or unpreparedness.  Finalists will be required to give a strictly timed 15 minute presentation to the second evaluation panel.  The presentation will be followed by a 10 minute question and answer session.

During this presentation, finalists will be required to elaborate on their innovation, its stage of development, its potential and the resources required for further development and commercialisation.  Emphasis should be placed on presenting a realistic and engaging summary of the innovation and business opportunity.

If appropriate, finalists are permitted to bring a prototype of the innovation or visual aids to demonstrate the innovation to the evaluation panel.  Following the presentations, the evaluation panel will reach consensus on the three winners – the Overall Winner, the winner of the Emerging Innovation Category and the winner of the Growth Category.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in November 2019.