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Unsolicited Bids

The New Industries Fund (NIF) was established to support a self-sustaining innovation environment that encourages collaboration and private sector investment. Building jobs and new industries requires an industry-led approach to innovation and business competitiveness. The NIF provides funding for a number of programs of work, including unsolicited bids. 

What is an unsolicited bid?

An unsolicited bid is a proposal initiated by a non-government organisation (business or not-for-profit), made to government and assessed against the agreed investment criteria. Unsolicited bids provide a mechanism for the government to leverage the private sector’s expertise and experience, and harness unique and innovative programs for the benefit of the innovation community.

Who can apply?

To be eligible for consideration an unsolicited led bid for a NIF grant had to be made in writing to The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) and include the following characteristics:

  • Be made by a valid legal entity that can enter into a funding agreement with the Western Australian Government;
  • Clearly explain how the proposal will contribute to job creation in Western Australian;
  • Be a co-investment bid (at least 1:1 matched cash funding);
  • Put forward a proposal that is consistent with the objectives of the NIF and its four pillars;
  • Put forward a proposal that aligns with the scope of activities; and
  • Includes a project plan that includes a timeline, deliverables, a clear and reasonable budget, resources, risks, IP management, stakeholder engagement and evaluation. 

Scope of activities and funding amount

Government accepted unsolicited bids for projects for a limited set of activities. Please see New Industries Fund - Guidelines for Unsolicited Bids for details of the 2018 program. 

Only bids up to a maximum of $100,000 were considered under this program. 

How to apply

Applications have now closed. Refer to the New Industries Fund - Guidelines for Unsolicited Bids for information on 2018 eligibility, scope of activities, the stages of the bid process and more. 

2017/2018 Recipients

On 6 July 2018, the Hon Dave Kelly, Minister for Innovation and ICT, announced the six successful recipients of the 2017/2018 Unsolicited Bids Program. The announcement can be viewed here. A total of $430,000 funding has been committed for the six applications with projects spanning from between six months to 12 months.

Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation Limited (CERI): $100,000 for the expansion of the CERI entrepreneurial innovation and commercialisation program to include initiatives such as a Guest Entrepreneur Program; information sessions; and workshops onsite at major academic institutes to work to bridge the gap between academia, technology transfer offices, industry and investor communities.


The C Y O'Connor ERADE Village Foundation: $100,000 to develop Fast Track, which will provide a virtual platform and medium for agribusinesses to communicate and collaborate with internationally-renowned experts to solve agriculture sector challenges in the Peel region (such as livestock health, solar irrigation, mechanical failures and pasture requirements) to ensure high value agriculture innovation and investment is attracted and retained in Western Australia.


Food, Fibre and Land International Group Pty Ltd: $100,000 for the establishment of a hub for hemp growing and processing in Manjimup to capitalise on the job creation potential of a high growth industry. The hub will maximise hemps applications across a range of industries such as textiles, agriculture, recycling, furniture and construction.


Curtin University: $50,000 for the extension of West Tech Fest, which celebrates innovation, investment and entrepreneurship in WA with overseas and interstate investors coming to Perth for the week long program. This will include targeted marketing and promotion into South East Asia to attract investors and mentors.


KinChip Systems Pty Ltd: $50,000 to demonstrate proof of concept for a machine learning algorithm to map referral pathways and personalise recommendations for families of children recently diagnosed with health or developmental challenges. 


Spacecubed Ventures Ltd: $30,000 for the expansion of programs from Perth{web}Girls to offer introductory coding workshops for women in five regional locations in Western Australia.


For all enquiries regarding the Unsolicited Bids process please contact