2015 WA Innovator of the Year Winners

Mitsubishi Corporation Overall Winner - Track'em Pty Ltd - Track'em

A cloud-based asset tracking and management software, using a unique combination of barcode, global positioning system and radio frequency identification technologies to track and manage the location of assets, equipment and construction materials.



Mitsubishi Corporation Emerging Innovation Category Winner - Newton Laboratories Pty Ltd - Rock Detection System

A vibration-sensor device mounted on mining trucks that measures and processes signals from various vibrations, alerting operators to oversize rocks that can then be diverted to prevent crusher downtime and lost production.



Mitsubishi Corporation Growth Category Winner - Scancam Industries Pty Ltd - Smart Fuel Security 

A real-time integrated system incorporating high resolution video and still cameras, facial and number plate recognition and police database reporting to prevent fuel theft.



 Woodside Oil and Gas Encouragement Award and Perth Convention Bureau Travel Award Winner



The University of Western Australia

Separating nitrogen from natural gas sources


2015 WA Innovator of the Year Finalists

Emerging Innovation Category Finalist - Bombora Wave Power Pty Ltd - Bombora Wave Energy Converter

A break-through system that efficiently converts the oceans wave energy directly into renewable electricity.



Emerging Innovation Category Finalist - Curtin University of Technology - Logging while Drilling for Mineral Exploration

Two tools developed to allow drillers to collect information about the physical properties of the rocks near to the drill-hole, including natural radioactivity, magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistance.



Emerging Innovation Category Finalist - Proteomics International Pty Ltd - PromarkerD 

A diagnostic test for Diabetic Kidney disease.


Growth Category Finalist - Optika Solutions Pty Ltd - Akumen

A cloud-based decision support environment and analytics framework that enables the integration of real-time, time series, transactional data and historical information to make future based decisions.



Growth Category Finalist - Tilt Trays Enterprises Pty Ltd 

Container loading and offloading system: a system designed for the safe loading and unloading of shipping (sea) containers from tilt tray trucks.