Thank you to those that participated.  This survey has now closed. 


These surveys will provide a snapshot of interactive business and individual activity (including games) in Western Australia in 2019. This information is useful for Government to understand how to work with industry. It is also useful for industry to have metrics that explain what is happening in WA, including where and in what kinds of fields. 

There is no hard definition of interactive – you can be building games, visualisation tools for remote operations, virtual training worlds, immersive films etc. By completing this survey you will help JTSI explain what interactive looks like in WA and how the sector could grow in the future. Please complete these surveys and pass them on to others. Each survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  • Survey 1: Interactive businesses activity in WA 2019, for businesses that have an ABN
  • Survey 2: For individuals involved in interactive work in WA 2019, including people undertaking interactive work outside of their usual employment

The WA Government decided to conduct the Interactive WA surveys because there is a lack of quality data available on what is happening in WA in games and interactive more broadly. The data collected will be available to agencies in the WA State Government (e.g. Department of Jobs, Tourism Science and Innovation, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries) and to Screenwest. It may also be made available in a de-identified way to key stakeholders (e.g. industry associations) and aggregated results may be published.

The WA Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation is conducting the Interactive WA surveys as part of the Games Industry Growth Pilot initiative.

If you are interested in these surveys you may also be interested in applying for an International Access Pass travel grant.

Quick links:

Survey 1: WA Businesses with an ABN

Survey 2: Individuals involved in interactive work in WA