The following guidelines are provided to enable you, the contributor, to understand the requirements for your content submission.

The purpose and goals of the site are outlined in detail on the about innovation page.  You should also view some of the other pages on the site to get a feel of what has already been provided.

Content can be provided for a number of purposes, showcases, blogs, events or services. If your content isn’t suitable just yet then perhaps it can be used later, as your own journey develops further.


A showcase can be for innovative people, companies or products.  The showcases outline the innovation journey in a way that will help other innovators who are considering starting their own journey—or who have already started—and could benefit from others’ experience.


  • Your product, company or research is WA based.
  • Your product, company, process or marketing is innovative. 
    (refer to OECD definition of innovation.)

Information to supply

  • Product or company name and website address
  • An outline of the type of support you have had along your journey.  Include things such as research institutes, partnerships, grants or funding, investors, participation in innovation programs or awards. 
  • Tell us how you were able to secure this support and at what point in your journey did it help and why. 
  • Recognition that you have had in the media about your innovation (not about the company or other products). 
  • Links to any videos about your innovation or your journey (preferably on YouTube).

Approval will be sought prior to publishing.


We index services that have been mentioned in our showcases.  If your service has helped a WA innovation, along the journey to commercial success, then tell us about the innovation so a showcase can be published (see showcase requirements above). 

If the showcase already exists and you would like to provide an update then just provide us a brief outline of how you helped along with the following information about your service:

  • Company name (or name of the service)
  • Website
  • A brief description of your service (no more than two lines)
  • Permission to use your logo from your website.

Alternatively you may want to consider sharing an event or an opportunity. 


If you are running an event targeted at the WA innovators or other members of the innovation ecosystem then tell us about it so we can list it on our events.  In most cases we will just create an indexed link.  For this you will need to provide the following information:

  • Event name  ( or company name for a calendar of events)
  • Website link to the specific event or calendar
  • A brief description of the event (no more than two lines)
  • Permission to use your logo or other suitable image from your website