The State Government is inviting you to share you experience, offer advice or reach out to fellow innovators using this website. Please read what you need to know first.

  • SHOWCASE – are you a successful innovator who wants to share your experience with others? Share with us a brief outline of your innovation journey and who helped you along the way, so we can shape your story into a future showcase.
  • SUPPORT – do you regularly provide support or services to innovators? Help to shape future showcases by sharing with us how you or your company has helped a WA innovator along their journey to commercial success.
  • INVITE – are you running an event for innovators or other members of the innovation ecosystem? Share the details of your next innovation event on this site, from advisory sessions to hackathons and start-up weekends.


Twitter: @NewIndustriesWA or #NewIndustriesWA


New Industries WA is managed by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. To learn more about the Department and how it supports economic development and the growth of new industries visit its website.

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