The State Government recognises that innovation drives growth and creates new industries. 

Western Australia is a diverse State, seen through our people, our land and our knowledge.  Diversity is essential in innovation. Innovation needs all genders, young and mature, and people from all backgrounds and experiences.

The Government has committed to a range of initiatives to support and accelerate new and emerging businesses and encourage innovation to thrive. 

This website invites you to link up with like-minded individuals and organisations and find opportunities that will transform Western Australia through innovation.

It is designed to showcase the journeys of successful innovators, the lessons they have learned and the people and services who helped them along their way. It serves as a place that provides information so that people - whether innovators (new or experienced), investors, service providers, or customers - can make more informed decisions about the next step of their own innovation journey.

SHARE – share stories and photos about WA innovations, on your favourite social media, using the hashtag #NewIndustriesWA.

EXPERIENCE – read the showcases about innovative products and how they could benefit you and your family now or in the future.

BE INSPIRED – read the showcases and follow some great innovators to inspire you on your journey, and learn what services have helped others on their journey.

INVEST – view the current opportunities available to invest in or support great ideas.

PARTICIPATE – view events that are happening around the State, such as information or training sessions, hackathons, and innovation programs.

FEEDBACK – you can get involved to give us your ideas on how we can support the sector, or to seek more information.


The New Industries WA website is administered by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation.