In an interview at the Innovation Summit 2016 Shawn Ryan said that Bombora had been ‘very fortunate to access a lot of the state and federal government programs’.  Research collaboration, tax incentives and funding have been just a few of the benefits Bombora has had in their journey.  Even with all this help from government and partners there have been times when they have fallen back on their old careers in engineering, for short term consulting projects to make some extra money.

Watermark assists Bombora in formulating its provisional patents, filing them internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) process and coordinating the ongoing maintenance of the patents. Shawn says "We have received great service and support from Mark Pullen, Watermark Principle, in educating, advising and assisting us to navigate the realm of intellectual property, an extremely important asset of a technology company. "

Shawn credits being located at the Innovation Centre of WA as being critical their success.  After completing research and testing at a local level they are poised to demonstrate a full-scale commercial project, in Peniche in Portugal, which will be resourced with local West Australian talent.  A single cell mWave will also be deployed in Henderson, Western Australia during the first half of 2017.  

"Being an ICWA incubator resident has greatly assisted us to get our company into the fast lane"

Illustration of Bombora's mWave located on the bottom of the sea floor
Illustration of Bombora's mWave located on the sea floor