Western Australian Innovation Strategy
WA Innovation Strategy

The Western Australian Innovation Strategy is currently being reviewed.

The Strategy outlines the State Government’s plans to foster and expand WA’s already thriving innovation scene.

In May 2016 the State Government announced a $20 million innovation fund. Following this, the State’s leading innovators met to offer ideas about accelerating Western Australia’s level of innovation. A reference group was formed, and a summit held, bringing more people and more ideas into the discussion. The Western Australian Innovation Strategy draws on that collective wisdom and wealth of ideas. It is the next step in determining how Western Australia will build on its natural advantages and experience to benefi t from emerging global trends. It shows how Government will work with entrepreneurs, business, universities and the research sector to showcase Western Australia’s talent and enhance investment in local ideas.

Accelerating innovation will grow the Western Australian economy and increase employment; it will enable Western Australian residents to capture and solve opportunities and problems that benefit the community, business and society on a locallydeveloped, but globally-relevant, scale.

The strategy highlights the four pillars on which Western Australia’s innovation future will be built:

  • Talent and skills
  • Investment and infrastructure
  • Culture and collaboration
  • Marketing and promotion

The Innovation Strategy focuses on delivering programs that enable Western Australians to capture opportunities and solve problems that benefi t innovation. It aims to:

  • Create an environment where innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialisation are the norm
  • Engage local business and industry partners to expand existing and future capabilities
  • Make Western Australia a regional innovation hub by investing in local talent and providing the right opportunities to keep that talent here 
  • Encourage Western Australians who have achieved success elsewhere to bring their skills, expertise and experience home to help increase innovation locally
  • Attract the world’s best innovators to relocate to Western Australia by emphasising our natural and geographic advantages and globally acknowledged excellence.

The Innovation Strategy should be considered in addition to the initiatives already in progress through other Government commitments and the existing vibrant Western Australian innovation ecosystem. The strategy will evolve over time, building on successes and learning from mistakes.

Western Australia sits in the same timezone as 60% of the world’s population in the emerging Asian economies.


Australia’s West – a great place to live and innovate.


  • To pave the way for Western Australians to take ideas from discovery to commercialisation
  • To increase investment in Western Australian innovation
  • To increase the number of scaled innovations
  • To reduce the time and cost of doing so.

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